2018 Speakers:

  1. Dave Barbano – New milk analysis tools to improve fat and protein yields
  2. Mack Dryden – Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals
  3. Katy Proudfoot – Transition Cow Behavior
  4. Nigel Cook – Lameness prevention
  5. Jack Rodenburg – Designing and managing the optimal robotic milking facility
  6. Mike Lormore – Financial stability and dairy markets

2017 Speaker Bios:

Damian Mason: Humor for the Heart of Agriculture
Damian Mason is a professional speaker with a positive and informative message for the people of Agriculture. Damian understands the business of food, fuel, and fiber production. He was raised on an Indiana dairy farm, has a degree from Purdue University in Agricultural Economics, and owns and manages a farm in Indiana. Damian delivers crisp Ag commentary and comedy that resonates with the people who produce, process, package, sell, and transport the bounty of North American Agriculture. Damian’s presentations have been a hit with over 1,600 audiences in all 50 states and 8 foreign countries.

Dr. James Maas: Sleep for Success: Everything You Must Know About Sleep but are too Tired to Ask
Dr. Maas Portrait crop 4.10
Dr. James Maas is a leading authority and international consultant on sleep and performance. He served as Presidential Fellow, Professor and past Chairman of Psychology at Cornell University. Dr. Maas coined the term “Power Nap.” His book Sleep for Success is designed for executives and others wishing to know how to be alert and energetic all day long. His latest book, Sleep to Win!, shows athletes how to improve their performance overnight. Dr. Maas appears frequently on national television programs such as the TODAY Show, The View, and ABC’s 20/20. Oprah devoted an entire hour to Dr. Maas and his research on sleep.

Dr. Lance Baumgard: Effects of Heat Stress on Dairy Productivity
Dr. Lance Baumgard received his B.S. and M.S. degree from the University of Minnesota and a PhD from Cornell University. He joined the University of Arizona faculty in 2001 and then joined Iowa State University in 2009 as the Norman Jacobson Professor of Nutritional Physiology in the Department of Animal Science. Baumgard’s primary research emphasis has been on the metabolic and endocrine consequences of heat stress in growing and lactating animals.

Dr. Pamela Ruegg: 5 Keys to Maximizing Success of Mastitis Treatment
Pamela Ruegg 2015b
Pamela Ruegg is a professor and extension milk quality specialist in the Dept. of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Prior to joining UW, Madison, she had varied professional experiences including private veterinary practice, academic positions, and corporate technical service. Dr. Ruegg is active in a number of industry organizations and is a past-president of the National Mastitis Council. Her research and extension programs are focused on developing programs that help farmers maintain healthy cows, and improving milk quality and safety on dairy farms.


Carrie Mess: Connecting with Consumers
Carrie Mess

Carrie Mess is a dairy farmer, blogger, speaker and agvocate for agriculture from Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Farming in partnership with her husband and his parents on their 100 cow dairy, Carrie shares her story and connects with those unfamiliar with agriculture via social media and her blog.  Carrie was selected the 2014 Social Media Farmer of the Year and her writing has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post and several industry publications.

Jonathan Lamb: Applied Genomics

Jonathan Lamb is a partner is his families’ 6500 cow dairy, Lamb Farms, Inc. The farm operates with milking facilities at 3 sites, as well as 6500 head of replacement heifers. He is active in the Holstein Association, recently retiring from the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Genetic Advancement Committee. Jonathan graduated in 1994 from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science degree.

2016 Speaker Bios:

Dr. Ray Nebel: What’s new in genomics, use of technology, and management tools
Ray NebelRay Nebel is Vice President of Technical Services, Select Sires Inc.and oversees the Select Reproductive Solutions program. In this role, Dr. Nebel works closely with Reproductive Specialists and dairymen across the United States, troubleshooting reproductive problems, conducting heat detection and professional A.I. training seminars, and providing other reproductive management resources. Dr. Nebel specializes in large herd dairy reproductive management programs for efficient performance. He has participated in dairy seminars or workshops in over 38 states, 6 Canadian provinces, 6 Mexican states, and 11 countries around the world. Dr. Nebel has authored or coauthored 3 book chapters, 50 refereed journal articles, 82 abstracts, and over 300 popular press and proceedings articles.

Garrison Wynn: Multi-generational solutions
Garrison Wynn
Garrison Wynn is a professional speaker and helps people make the jump from being great at what they do to developing the qualities it takes to be consistently chosen for the job. He gets them to understand why their products, services, or leadership styles—or those of their competitors— are selected. As he says, “If the world agreed on what’s best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn’t work that way.” His presentations help people become more influential regardless of circumstances.

Dr. Jude Capper: Milking sustainability – how do we navigate the ‘S’ word as our population increases?
Jude Capper
Jude L Capper, Ph.D. is an independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant who is based in Oxfordshire, UK, and holds adjunct professor and affiliate positions at Washington State University and Montana State University, respectively. Jude’s current research focuses on modeling the environmental impact of livestock production systems, specifically dairy and beef. Current research projects include the effect of specific management practices and technology use upon environmental impact. Her principal professional goal is to communicate the importance of livestock industry sustainability and the factors affecting sustainability to enhance the knowledge and understanding of stakeholders within food production from the rancher and farmer through to the retailer, policy-maker and consumer. She has an active social media presence and spends a considerable amount of time de-bunking some of the more commonly-heard myths relating to resource use and the environmental impact of livestock production. Jude maintains websites relating to her work at: http://wsu.academia.edu/JudeCapper/Talks and http://bovidiva.com/ and has the Twitter handle of @Bovidiva.

Dr. Kenneth Nordlund: Design concepts for calf barns to maximize health
Ken Nordlund
Dr. Kenneth Nordlund is an Emeritus Clinical Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1977 and was in private veterinary practice in Fergus Falls, Minnesota for 12 years. In 1989, he joined the University of Wisconsin to found the Food Animal Production Medicine program in the School of Veterinary Medicine. His researchinterests have focused on interactions between dairy cattle housing and health, as well as dairy record systems including development of the patented Transition Cow IndexTM. Recent projects have focused on positive pressure ventilation systems for use in calf barns and dairy cow holding areas. He is a co-developer of the Dairyland Initiative website and outreach program. He retired from active service at the UW in 2014, but continues work with a limited number of research projects.

Dr. Bernie Erven: How to attract and retain the best employees
Bernie ErvenBernie Erven is professor emeritus of agricultural economics at the Ohio State University. At Ohio State his teaching, extension and research activities were in human resource management and family business management. His consulting work with small businesses through Erven HR Services LLC focuses on family business relations and human resource management. For more than 40 years he has worked on issues such as hiring, training, motivation, discipline, compensation, and performance feedback. He also does workshops on succession and human relations in family businesses, communication, handling the stress of management, team building and time management. His work on these important topics has taken him to more than 30 U.S. states and Canadian provinces. He has degrees from Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin. He has been a visiting professor at Cornell University. Bernie’s foreign assignments include seven months teaching at a school for refugee boys at Jericho, Jordan and 3½ years of university teaching in Brazil. Bernie is a two-time recipient of the Ohio State University Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has also received the American Agricultural Economics Association Teaching Award, a U.S. Department of Agricultural National Excellence in Teaching Award, both the Ohio State University Gamma Sigma Delta Extension and Teaching Awards, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Cooperative Education Award and the American Agricultural Economics Association Group Extension Award.

2015 Conference Proceedings:

Dr. Nigel Cook: Facilities Impact on your Herd
nbcookNigel Cook is a Professor in the Food Animal Production Medicine section of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. He qualified as a veterinarian in 1992 and worked in a large food animal clinic in Southern England for four years before moving to the Royal Veterinary College, Hertfordshire, where he spent three years as lecturer and head of the Large Animal Ambulatory Clinic. Since 1999 he has been in Wisconsin, teaching veterinary students, performing research and developing outreach to improve dairy cattle well-being

Dr. Julio Giordano: Management Strategies for Reproduction Success

Dr. Julio Giordano, DVM, MS, PhD is Assistant Professor of Dairy Cattle Biology and Management in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University with a dual appointment in research and teaching. Dr. Giordano’s research focuses on dairy cattle reproductive physiology, management, and the implications of reproductive performance on the economics of dairy farms. His research integrates basic and applied science to enhance the reproductive performance and productivity of cows. Through the improvement in cow performance, his program intends to improve the economic viability of dairy farms.


Mark Andrew Junkin: Farm Succession and Motivation

Mark Andrew Junkin After his parents divorced due to farm manage- ment and succession issues, Andy has lived to change how farm families make decisions together! succession planners focus on the event of the transfer of assets. Nobody has ever focused on the decade prior to this asset transfer, when parents/kids are awkwardly working together.Nobody has looked at the awkward transition of farm management and wisdom! This is Andy’s niche. Andy has a syndicated column in 9 farm magazines on 3 continents. He has also written 3 books.He daily works with farm families in Ontario and across the Midwest. He lives to save farm families.


Dr. Tom Overton: Ten Tips for Transition Cow Success

Dr. Thomas R. Overton is Professor of Dairy Management in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University. Tom is recognized nationally and internationally for his research and outreach efforts relating to metabolism, immune function, and nutritional physiology of the transition cow and his work on milk component production in cows. He serves as Director of the PRO-DAIRY program at Cornell, and as Associate Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension works with statewide and regional extension teams within New York to enhance the dairy and agricultural industries in New York State. He teaches the dairy cattle nutrition course for undergraduates, an upper level seminar course for dairy-oriented undergraduate students, co-teaches a course in dairy nutrition for veterinary students, and works with students in the Cornell Dairy Fellows program.


Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Good Science vs Bad Science

Dr. Joe Schwarcz is Director of McGill University’s “Office for Science and Society” which is dedicated to demystifying science and separating sense from nonsense. He is well known for his informative and entertaining public lectures on topics ranging from the chemistry of love to the science of aging. Professor Schwarcz has received numerous awards for teaching chemistry and for interpreting science for the public. He is the only non-American ever to win the American Chemical Society’s prestigious Grady-Stack Award for demystifying chemistry. He hosts “The Dr. Joe Show” on Montreal radio, has appeared hundreds of times on television and is the author of 14 best sellers.


Jay Waldvogel: The Global Dairy Market and What it Means to Me
Waldvogel Jay

Jay Waldvogel is responsible for leading DFA’s strategic planning process and supporting DFA’s business leaders in implementing the strategies. He also is charged with guiding DFA’s expanding global activities. Jay has more than 25 years of experience in the global dairy industry and spent more than a decade living and working overseas with leading dairy companies Campina in Euope and Fonterra Co-operative Group in New Zealand. He has held senior positions in finance, operations, marketing, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, sales and general management, including serving as Fonterra’s chief operating officer. Jay currently serves on a number of industry leadership groups and company boards, including as deputy chairman of the Global Dairy Platform.



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